Summer 2022: Tutorial Behavioral Economics

[Web-App Tutorial]

This weekly tutorial accompanies the lecture, which covers central methods and concepts of behavioral economics at an advanced level. We first discuss models of economic decision behavior. Then, we will present evidence from laboratory and field experiments in economics and psychology which has led to alternative descriptive models of behavior. In this context, we will also discuss how the modern empirical toolbox of behavioral economists can help to obtain causal evidence on the determinants of human behavior. Finally, we will also briefly discuss recent advances in behavioral economics, such as Neuro- and Genoeconomics.

Winter 2020: Tutorial Principles of Public Economics

In this weekly tutorial session, students of the MIEEP program will be able to clarify in detail questions about all material covered in the PPE course as well as about all underlying methodological techniques (mathematics). We will also review details of the math preparatory course, if demanded.